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Innovative Accumulator

Innovative Accumulator Planning

Much like our Innovative Retirement Planning program, but geared towards a different stage of life. We work to get to know you, the person, and work to help you navigate the complicated financial world to fit your needs. This full-service program is designed to leave you with no questions or ambiguity. We utilize our Certified Financial Planning ™ knowledge and our bench of supporting professionals to meet all your needs. With Apex on your team, you will navigate your working years with purpose, continually making progress towards your ideal life.

Who is it for:

  • Younger couples/people
  • Anyone with a commitment to financial freedom
  • Typically those ages 19 - 45 years old

What is included:

  • Financial planning
  • Calculate targeted retirement assets
  • Savings cashflow planning
  • Education planning
  • Large purchase and general cashflow planning
  • Debt pay off strategies
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset management
  • Tax planning

What are the costs:

  • Initial planning fee and ongoing quarterly fee based on complexity of situation
  • Signed planning agreement that can be canceled at any time