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What's Your Story?


What does Financial Peace and Financial Success look like for you?

What is most important to you?

What are your earliest memories of money? How were finances managed in your family when you were young? How did you handle your first paychecks? How did you handle your most recent paycheck?  You cannot properly prepare, and plan, for a  journey without first defining your destination.  Is that destination known to your loved ones or business partners?  Can your journey adapt to allow for life's challenges, obstacles, setbacks, and detours?  To discover the best answers we must first ask the critical questions.  A financial plan is not a one-and-done process but an ongoing journey adjusting to personal goals, family goals, business goals, economic conditions, health issues, tragic events, and any additional issue that might be thrown at you.

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Welcome To The Journey!

Currently in the United States, for every 100 people who reach 65... 1 is wealthy, 19 are financially independent, 15 are required to keep working, 19 died before 65, and 46 are dependent.

In the richest country in history, 46% of Americans can't support themselves in retirement years.

We can do better! Successful achievements of personal goals require careful strategic planning along with disciplined implementation. The Journey is a systematic approach to the achievement of your goals and objectives, like a well-planned climbing expedition.

Why Choose Us?

We use a “holistic approach” to wealth management. Our systems, procedures and techniques have been refined by years of experience making us an efficient and productive wealth management company.


Welcome to the Summit!

You have been planning, saving, and sacrificing, all with anticipation that you will achieve your goal of a comfortable retirement. You have reached the Summit in your planning. This should not be a concern, but an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate yourself for a job well done. However, after the celebration is over one of the first thoughts you may have is, “Where to from here?” Welcome to the Summit! It's important to remember that climbing to the summit is a round trip. Achievement of the Summit is only half the journey. In fact, the most dangerous and challenging part of the journey is yet ahead. The Summit is a program that helps you identify real wealth and address not only your money and income but the more than money needs you will face. This is accomplished by focusing on critical elements that will reduce anxiety and allow you to live a less stressful life.
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