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Clarity Wealth Management

Who We Are

We are more than just a financial planning and investment management company.  We provide simplified solutions for an enriched life. We are:

Independent - As an independent advisor, every one of our clients has access to individualized planning and investment portfolios customized for their needs. 

Team-Oriented - We have been in business for 20 years, with 50+ years of financial services experience among us, which means when you contact us, any one of our team members can provide support.   

Committed - We believe a business is built on relationships.  We will always provide the honest communication and guidance you need to create and implement a financial plan, and we will help you every step of the way. 
The belief that everyone deserves sound planning, along with honest and genuine service, is at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Team

Heather Blanchard, Financial Professional in Colchester, CT
Christine Terranova, Assistant in Colchester, CT
John Hathaway, Financial Professional in Colchester, CT

Clarity Wealth Management

Our Stories

John Hathaway

John Hathaway, CFS, RFC© joined Money Concepts as a financial advisor in 2003, and earned his Certified Fund Specialist designation in 2005 and his RFC in 2013. Over the last twenty years, he has helped individuals and families with financial planning and investment management, and has hosted educational seminars in his local community covering personal finance, job transitions, saving for college, and planning for retirement.  

John's Background

I decided to enter the wealth management and financial planning field after many frustrating years with my employer. While the job security and steady income was important for my family, I did not have the greater sense of feeling that I was making a difference. My wife, Melanie, was employed with a non-profit agency at the time and came home every day feeling good about her purpose and community impact. 
After carefully reflecting on my life and several discussions with friends and family, I chose to turn my attention to something where I can really change the quality of life. I have always had a gift to listen and offer genuine guidance. Those gifts coupled with my passion for numbers, research, degrees in finance and economics, and sincerely wanting to help, led me to financial planning. 
Today, I enjoy a life filled with meeting people and working with them to determine the best approach for them to accomplish their life's dream. I sincerely believe that everyone deserves sound financial planning and I appreciate being able to make a difference. We all have gifts to share and if I am given an opportunity to help someone in an area that I am passionate and knowledgeable about, I will be there for them. 
My office and team are now located in my hometown of Colchester, Connecticut, where I really feel that I am a part of my community and look forward to helping many more individuals and families take pleasure in a fulfilled life.

Heather Blanchard

Heather Blanchard, CFS was licensed as registered sales assistant in 2002, joined John Hathaway's practice in 2009 as a special projects coordinator, and became an advisor in 2022, earning her Certified Fund Specialist designation shortly after in 2023.  She has helped hundreds of individuals and families with their financial planning and investment management over the years.     
Heather's Background 
My interest in personal finance began while working part-time as a bank teller to support myself through graduate school.  My original goal was to become a museum educator because I loved the idea of interacting with others who were curious to learn more about the world. After earning my history degree, I continued to work in financial services. I found that interacting with clients was rewarding, and it was particularly inspiring to see the impact that improved financial literacy, professional guidance, and a supportive team had on their lives.  

Now, as a financial advisor, I am passionate about my role as my clients’ educator and coach, helping clients confront challenges and showing them how they can use their own resources to unlock their potential for creating wealth, independence, and the freedom to choose their own path.