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Holistic Financial Planning, Independent Wealth Management

Faithful Stewards of Money Concepts

Transparent Tailored Fiduciary Relationships

Your Goals, Our Process

What's Important about money, to you?

Stewardship For Life

It is about so much more than money

Ongoing Relationship

Your descent is as important as your climb

The Summit

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Every successful journey begins with a plan

The Journey

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The heart of every client's question

Am I OK?

When am I OK to retire with the lifestyle I desire? Will my family be OK when I die or if I need long term care? What about me if it is my spouse? Will I be OK to achieve my goals with my current investment portfolio?

Just about everything we do for our clients is to help them understand “Are they OK?”, and how to help them make changes so they improve their position.

How We Work

Rob’s training in aerospace engineering and as a Certified Financial Planner™ enables a unique approach to holistic financial planning and independent wealth management. The result is a process applied to your specific needs by first understanding your core values, determining where you are, when you want to go, and agreeing on a path on how to get you there. This is a process of continual adjustments and refinement either on your financial Journey or after you have reached the Summit. We call this Stewardship For Life.

If you are wondering if you are OK, then we would love to talk to you.
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