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At MAMR Wealth Management, we’re committed to presenting best choices according to what the client’s goals are and according to our research.   We listen.   We work to help support each client’s short- term, medium-term and long-term – life.   MAMR purpose:  to help with a (wonderful) thriving financial picture for each client. 

An objective perspective can be greatly helpful for organizing assets.  We’ll provide that organized view.  Depending on what’s really called for, we’re equipped to suggest and fulfill the implementation of new resources. Then, when things are up & running, there’s monitoring the overall financial picture and the portfolio.   Adjusting may be called for, because, of course, life presents new challenges all along.  We can help with adapting to those challenges in a way that supports wise wealth management.  

We do our best to cut through the lingo, and to simplify & streamline and help bring clarity and solutions that truly fit for each client.  We like to work collaboratively:  the client’s input is integral in the solutions our knowledge and experience can help shape.

There are many facets to wealth management.  Our approach is holistic.  That means, what is recommended is guided, with understanding the client’s big picture, and with what makes sense for each client, uniquely.   We incorporate financial planning into each recommendation.  But we do not dwell on a static plan.   

Our holistic approach encompasses understanding the client’s big picture, mapping the assets, determining tax considerations, helping with legacy planning, income projections, asset protection – all guided by what’s actually relevant. We are keen on helping with investments.  Growth of wealth over time is the aim, as well as providing for the client’s evolving life & goals.    

MAMR Wealth Management is a small, independent, firm enhanced by the support of a broker dealer.  Its size helps enable MAMR (Mary Anne & team) to provide quality attention and customization.  That is how we can develop & deliver solutions that help fit each unique client situation. 

In the background is the broker dealer firm, Money Concepts, founded in 1979 on the premise of putting the client’s best interest first.  That broker dealer support means the MAMR advisor has access, for the client,  to an outstanding, varied, non-proprietary, array of investment management and insurance brokerage resources, as well as cutting-edge technology, 3rd-party due diligence services, caring regulatory compliance to safeguard clients, and continuing education. 

Our physical office is in Addison, Texas and we serve clients throughout the country, including in Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, Georgia, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. 

The Tree of Life, pictured here, is a painting by artist Gariba Singh Tekam, in the Gond style.  It is included here to help convey the wholeness of life.  In the Gond tradition, everything is intimately connected with nature.  Birds are considered symbols of freedom and eternity, due to their ability to soar into the skies.

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