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Our Story

Committed Benevolent Interest

Welcome from Denis Walsh CFP, RFC President and CEO

In an era where being a fiduciary in client relationships is valued, the Money Concepts Way uniquely emphasizes the philosophy of having a Committed Benevolent Interest (CBI) in the lives of others.  This is not only a much higher standard but is the only way life really makes sense. This approach is not merely about business, but about caring for your client and their life success.  It's about helping your clients live out their desires and dreams.  People don't want to be sold products, they want assurances they will have enough to maintain their independence and make a difference in their world.  People long for personalized help; they want and need you.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Money Concepts is not just a financial planning and wealth management organization.  We are a community of like-minded individuals who share a Committed Benevolent Interest for all.

Our Guiding Principles

Mission Statement:
The most important person in our organization is you.

Our Motto:
The more you do for others, the more you do for you.

Vision Statement:
Cultivate a community based on CBI for all, family members, clients, associates, independent financial professionals, tax professionals, and financial institutions, to enjoy unmatched culture amplified by timely support, effective resources, and powerful technology to achieve the highest level of success you can imagine. 

We invite you to embrace our culture!

Our Code of Ethics

Money Concepts is grounded in nine core footings of ethics and action.  These are the principles that have guided our business decision for more than 40 years.

Our Culture

We encourage all associates and employees to freely share ideas and things that work for them. This is our culture in action!  Through the principle of CBI, each of us, helps one another become successful.

"Culture trumps everything else in an organization." DENIS WALSH | President & CEO

The Better Way

Jack Walsh had a vision of a better way, a way to provide people a real and enduring opportunity for people, disrupting the status quo of the day.  Current CEO, Denis Walsh adds to his father's vision with the powerful concept of Committed Benevolent Interest (CBI).  It is his vision to change the entire industry with this new approach.

  • Ownership - Be the president of your own company and take off the controls and earnings limitations.  Develop an asset you can sell or bring your family into the business.  
  • Independence - Have complete control of your destiny.  No pressure on what products to sell, and no conflicts of proprietary products. 
  • Represent the best interest of the client, not the product provider.
  • Provide financial planning services to everyone, not just the rich. 
  • Have a Committed Benevolent Interest in all people.  

Our Journey

"The industry has been going through the most dynamic period of change that I have observed in my career in the business.  Without question, we are in the most volatile era of change in every aspect of what we do.  I think I have some ideas of how to take advantage of the opportunities these dramatic changes present and that thought excites and challenges me immensely." John P. Walsh

Vision to Reality

Jack Walsh was an astute, experienced businessman who took his vision and made it a reality.

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