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What does it mean to partner with River Oak Partners?


Most people expect to gain an adviser. We prefer to call ourselves guides. What’s the difference? Everything!!

An adviser is one who gives advice or counsel. A guide is one who assists a person to travel to or reach a destination in an unfamiliar area, as by accompanying that person.

An adviser gives you advice and sends you on your way, while a guide walks the path with you and shows you the way. We work with our clients/partners to develop plans and guide them on their journey.

How do we prepare at River Oak Partners?


Preparation is the key to any successful outcome, and we’ll help you prepare.

We recognize the news and financial news is often filled with noise. This noise can derail even the most disciplined investor. Adding to the noise, is the typical marketing strategy of most investment firms. They are centered around fear and greed. It’s no wonder investor behavior is often flawed. Our aim is to alleviate this stress, with a clearly defined Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and Financial Plan. This empowers clients, with understanding and confidence for their journey.

Our Prep Tools

All preparation begins with a plan. That’s exactly how we approach helping our partners reach their financial objectives. We use two tools, a detailed financial plan and an investment policy statement. We use these tools to help you achieve your financial goals. I’m sure everyone has heard the quote from Mike Tyson “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. We agree, that’s where nurturing comes in, we’ll be there to help you adapt and stay focused on your long-term objectives. There will be obstacles during our journey, but we’ll prepare and plan for those too.



Guiding or Coaching is the single biggest contribution we can make towards successful client outcomes. Quite simply, guiding clients involves encouraging them to do the things they know they should but don’t or conversely keeping them from losing their way along their journey. Most people fail to achieve their goals not because they don’t want to, they just lack support and guidance.

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