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Your Retirement, Your Way


Enjoy Your Retirement!


Focus on What's Important to You


What's Your Story?


Our Code of Ethics

Money Concepts is grounded in nine core footings of ethics and action.  These are the principles that have guided our business decision for more than 40 years.

Our Guiding Principles

Mission Statement:
The most important person in our organization is you.

Our Motto:
The more you do for others, the more you do for you.

Vision Statement:
Cultivate a community based on CBI for all, family members, clients, associates, independent financial professionals, tax professionals, and financial institutions, to enjoy unmatched culture amplified by timely support, effective resources, and powerful technology to achieve the highest level of success you can imagine. 

We invite you to embrace our culture!

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

- Winston Churchill

Why Choose Us?

We use a “holistic approach” to wealth management. Our systems, procedures and techniques have been refined by years of experience making us an efficient and productive wealth management company.


Welcome To The Journey!

Currently in the United States, for every 100 people who reach 65... 1 is wealthy, 19 are financially independent, 15 are required to keep working, 19 died before 65, and 46 are dependent.

In the richest country in history, 46% of Americans can't support themselves in retirement years.

We can do better! Successful achievements of personal goals require careful strategic planning along with disciplined implementation. The Journey is a systematic approach to the achievement of your goals and objectives, like a well-planned climbing expedition.

We are a community of dedicated financial professionals committed to the belief that everyone should have the freedom to pursue their own goals. We focus on providing the resources and relationships to support the needs and objectives of the clients we serve. It begins and ends with our Committed Benevolent Interest in others. Creating true wealth that goes beyond the numbers.

Why Choose Us?

Let's make one thing clear: we’re not your typical financial institution/services firm. We're a community, a full-service hub committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed, the freedom to chase your goals, and the support to back you up. You want to strengthen your business, create new connections, and increase your profits; we aim to help you achieve all that and more.

The company you choose to work with should, above all else, want to see you succeed, and that’s precisely what we want for you/and that’s precisely why you chose to work with us.

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