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The WiseBridge Mission

The WiseBridge Mission

WiseBridge believes in providing generational financial leadership by implementing simple, visible strategies and solutions, helping to maximize lifestyles and legacies.

We're here because we care about you. We want you to have peace of mind and be able to put your energy toward the things that you care about more than anything else. 

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"We developed the WiseBridge brand in May of 2021 with the idea of bringing multi-generational financial leadership to the community. And we do that with simple, visible solutions for the clients.

I met Pat Dodds in 1995 when I first joined Money Concepts. When it came time to open WiseBridge in 2021, I immediately looked to Pat again to help guide me through the process. He was our regional vice president and was able to walk me through all the details of opening our own office and branch.

Pat left this earth shortly after we opened WiseBridge and we were so blessed to have the opportunity to have Pat and his wife Sharon join us in the office and take a tour.

January 2023, we had our annual Tailwind Network kickoff meeting where I was presented the Patrick T. Dodds award from Pat's wife Sharon and his son Brian. I was overwhelmed with thoughts of Pat, his legacy and all that he has inspired us to do as a network." 

-Cindy Helman 

Our Core Values

We’re here because we care about you.

Our commitment is to our clients, each other, and our community.

We believe in opportunity through learning.

The above list paints a very accurate picture of who we are, what we value most deeply, and what you can expect from us.

We’re not just looking after your money. We’re looking after you.

Our Commitment

WiseBridge strives to make sure every client who walks through our door feels significant. While taking the time to get to know your dreams and aspirations, we develop plans to help you reach your financial goals to live life with confidence and simplicity. While we work as financial advisors, we realize that a big part of each client’s success is finding security, joy, and fulfillment.

Let us make your journey easier:

We take the mystery out of financial planning.
We are by your side through every stage of life.
Every decision is made in your best interest.
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