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Financial Planning

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Financial Planner Archbold Ohio


We create plans that give confidence and clarity to clients to help them achieve financial security and personal happiness.

As you’ve heard before, money doesn’t buy happiness. Let’s uncover what makes you truly happy and is most important to you and then create a plan to make it all happen.

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Why Choose Us?

We help simplify what clients feel is complex by helping to align finances and life goals. We look at everything going on in a client’s life, including their investments and finances, and identify what they truly want out of life.

Financial Planning is for everyone. It is especially suited to clients who are getting established in their career and are eager to save and make changes. It is also valuable as clients get closer to retirement, to help them take that big step with confidence.

Our Financial Planning relationship is ongoing, as we adjust your plan each year. The quarterly planning fee allows us to be available to you for guidance on any financial decisions in your life.
Video: Shari talks about her Passion for Financial Planning